Frequently asked questions about HIDDEN TALENT


Who is this book for?

Hidden Talent is a book for anyone competing to win today - in sports, at work, or at home. The truth is, wherever you’re giving your time and energy today, life is in many ways a game to be won or lost. Anywhere responsibility or opportunity exists, competition exists, too, and - no matter our age or ability level - each one of us gets to play. It might involve the challenge of competing against someone or something else. More often and more importantly, it’s the challenge we face against ourselves and our own potential. Recognizing and developing your Hidden Talent will separate you from those you’re competing with and against, and from the mediocre version of the person you used to be. Wherever you’re competing today, if you’re interested in becoming a champion…this book is for you!

What’s it about?

Hidden Talent is all about uncovering what really makes a champion a champion.  When you dig deep into the lives of those we consider the best in any field, you find they share many of the same traits, attributes, and abilities. And though it may be easy to think champions have something the rest of us don’t, the fact is that each one of us have been gifted in the areas that matter most. If we choose to recognize the gifts we’ve been given and then do the work it takes to develop them - to turn our potential into reality - then we can become champions, too. When you look at it that way, then you see that becoming a champion is a choice each one of us gets to make.

You are capable of doing what champions do. You can chase excellence. You can make winning choices. And you can develop your Hidden Talent. When you do the hard work it takes to become a champion, you find that success is sure to follow.

Why should I read it?

Hidden Talent will inspire and empower you to become the champion you were meant to be. Each one of us has an inner champion - who we are at our best, rising up to do what champions do, and winning in the most important areas of life. Unfortunately, each of us also has an inner-loser, too, who’s pulling us each day toward ordinary, toward average, and toward mediocre. The choices we make, today and every day, determine which version of “us” we ultimately become. Hidden Talent will clarify the important choices required to grow and improve in your most important areas, the choices required to make you your winningest self.

Read this book to become…

-more passionate.

-more committed.

-more relentless.

-more resilient.

-more coachable.

-more selfless.

-more courageous.

-more positive.

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