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Way of Champions Podcast with John O’Sullivan, Changing the Game Project

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Episode #125: In this week’s podcast we welcome Travis Daugherty, a coach, teacher, speaker, and author of Hidden Talent: Uncovering What Really Makes a Champion a Champion. We discuss how sports should bring families together, the importance of knowing your “why” as a coach, and why it is crucial to know the difference between talent and ability.

Other Highlights from the Discussion:

  • Making mistake as a young coach can help you later in your coaching career

  • What do you do when winning doesn’t fulfill you like you thought it would

  • Asking an athlete, “How would you practice if you were already the champion?”

  • What do champions do better than everyone else?

  • “You are not born a winner or a loser, you are born a chooser.”

  • A coachable spirit is important for athletes AND coaches

  • Being a great teammate in a high-stakes environment

  • Confusing talent with ability